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Aug 16, 2017

Listen to a recent book talk by author Elizabeth Poliner whose  novel As Close to Us as Breathing takes us  to the 1940’s when Connecticut’s beach colonies were segregated by ethnicity and religion. Poliner masterfully weaves the story of a multi-generational Jewish family and a fatal accident in 1948, all set in “Bagel Beach”  a real Jewish beach colony in Milford, Connecticut.  We also visit the Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont - the state’s only synagogue built as a summer synagogue.

 You’ll be inspired to read this evocative novel and take a drive along CT’s shoreline to catch a glimpse of its early beach colonies in this episode of Grating the Nutmeg.

 Thanks to author Elizabeth Poliner, the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, the Bagel Beach Historical Association and the Hebrew Congregation of Woodmont.  This episode was produced by Mary Donohue and Patrick O’Sullivan.

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