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Aug 23, 2016

     Take an earwitness journey to the 1659 John Hollister homesite on the Connecticut River in ancient Wethersfield, and join the archaeologists, graduate students, and volunteers from many walks of life as they uncover one of the richest early colonial sites ever found in Connecticut. 

      State historian Walter Woodward brings you with him on the last day of the dig as for a first hand account of what they're finding at this amazing site, and what it means for understanding our early history. Hear from State archeologist Brian Jones, Lori Kissel, Scot Brady, Glenda Rose, Dick Hughes, Fiona Jones, Mandy Ranslow (president of FOSA - Friends of the Office of State Archaeology)  and others about their epic archeological adventure. 

       You'll also find companion photographs of the site at the Connecticut State Historian's Facebook page (please like) and the Connecticut Explored website (please subscribe to the magazine)