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Dec 31, 2021

Thanks to you, last year Grating the Nutmeg passed it's 100,000th download. We're proud to be a fixture of so many Connectican's playlists, and proud to be among the top 20% of all podcasts made in terms of listenership. 

To celebrate, we thought we'd have a New Year's flashback, and link back to our five all time most listened to podcasts. Just click on the link below, then click play on the next page, and enjoy! 

Number One: Connecticut and the Pandemic of 1918. As Covid began rocking our world in 2020, we looked back at how the Influenza Epidemic of 1918 rocked Connecticut a century ago. Interesting to listen to a year later, because it too seems historical 

Number Two: Governor John Dempsey, Son of Chair. Connecticut's only foreign born governor since the colonial period, Governor John Dempsey owed much of his immense popularity, and his progressive public policies, to boyhood lessons learned in his birth town of Chair, County Tipperary, Ireland. 

Number Three: The Delicious History of Pizza in New Haven  You haven't really tasted "abeetz" until you know it's history. Yum. 

Number Four: Rough Justice for Nathan Hale Why were the British so fired up to execute Connecticut's state hero? A new twist on a story we thought we knew in full. 

Number Five: The Unlikely Legend – and History – of the Charter Oak . Connecitcut's most iconic legend is not only terribly important from a history standpoint - it's wrong. 

TRUTH IN PACKAGING It's actually a bit hard to tell for sure whether these are the all time top 5 episodes of Grating the Nutmeg. The statistics for our first 30 or so episodes aren't full included, and one or more of the certainly would have been contenders. But the are certainly, in the statistics farther since November of 2017, the top 5 podcasts. Hope you enjoy the, and if you do, please share with others.