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Nov 17, 2018

Food historians Keith Staveley and Kathleen Fitzgerald join state historian Walt Woodward at his dinner table in Columbia for a talk about traditional New England holiday foods - authentic and not-so-authentic – and the stories behind them. 

PLUS, Keith and Kathy brought along 9 truly historic and delicious New England food recipes, translated into modern cooking instructions kitchen-tested for authentic flavor. 

Whether you want to wow your holiday dinner guests with some astonishing food facts, or cook up a dish or two they'll be talking about all year, this is your podcast.  

Listen to the stories, then DOWNLOAD THE RECIPES AT Connecticut Explored

This episode is sponsored by attorney Peter Bowman, holding distracted drivers accountable for their actions. Find out more at

Don't forget to listen to the special bonus add-on:a live reading  Gov. Samuel Huntington's 1786 Thanksgiving meditation, recorded at the special Thanksgiving dinner at the Samuel Huntington homestead in Scotland, CT on November 10th (source of our historic dinner images)