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May 15, 2023

In this episode of Grating the Nutmeg, Natalie Belanger of the Connecticut Historical Society  takes you back to the greatest rock concert that never happened. 


In 1970, a planned 3-day rock concert at Powder Ridge in Middlefield was cancelled after an injunction by the town. But tens of thousands of young people showed up anyway and proceeded to have one hell of a party. Belanger speaks with filmmaker Gorman Bechard, who's working on a documentary about Powder Ridge. Gorman peels back the many layers of this story, including a shady promoter, the town's grudge against a property owner, and the one famous musician who braved the police to show up and perform -- with an amp hooked up to a Mister Softee truck. 


 Click here to watch a trailer for the film and support its completion!


Thanks to Gorman Bechard and What Were We Thinking Films. If you haven't seen their 2019 film about New Haven pizza -- sorry, that's 'apizza' -- check out "Pizza A Love Story."


Want to know more about Connecticut’s rock and roll venues? Listen to our podcast episode on the legendary Toad’s Place Nightclub in New Haven here:


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This episode was produced by Natalie Belanger of the Connecticut Historical Society and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan of