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Feb 15, 2023

Why did the State of Connecticut feel entitled to part of Ohio?  Where was Connecticut’s Western Reserve and how was it settled? The Litchfield Historical Society is opening a new exhibition on Connecticut’s Western Reserve on April 22,  2023 entitled “Come to a Land of Milk and Honey”.


Here’s what they say about the exhibit:

“The story of the Western Reserve can be told through any number of historical lenses, but it is primarily a story of people: the people who felt compelled to leave Connecticut and New England for a new life in the west, and the people who chose to stay behind; the Native peoples who were forced from their lands by the arrival of migrants; the enslaved men, women, and children who were brought to the Reserve against their will, and the Black migrants who chose to make their homes in Ohio despite continued discrimination.”


In this episode, author and historian Mary Donohue interviews Alex Dubois and Linda Hocking from the Litchfield Historical Society about what they’ve found out about the peoples of the  Western Reserve.


Alex Dubois is the Curator of Collections. At the Society, Alex oversees the development and care of the institution’s collection of material culture and art, and serves as project lead for the Society’s exhibitions.


Linda Hocking has served as the Curator of Library & Archives since 2002 where she oversees all aspects of acquisitions, description, and access to the Society’s library and archives.


Read more from Connecticut Explored here:


Visit the Litchfield Historical Society website for more information on the exhibition and programs:



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