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Oct 15, 2022

In this episode, recorded at the Park Street Library@the Lyric on Sept. 21, 2022 to a full house, two of our Connecticut History Game Changer Honorees discuss their work. The conversation was hosted by Jasmin Agosto, Community Outreach Coordinator for the Hartford History Center at the Hartford Public Library.


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What can we learn about Hartford’s Puerto Rican community today through art and history?

Photographer and Trinity College Fine Arts professor Pablo Delano and emerging scholar and public historian PhD candidate Elena Rosario explore their work in the context of Hartford's Puerto Rican history and the broader United States-Puerto Rico relationship.


Thank you to our guests Pablo Delano, Elena Rosario and Jasmin Agosto.

For more about Pablo Delano’s work, go to his website at


And for more about the Hartford History Center at the Hartford Public Library, visit


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The episode of Grating the Nutmeg was produced by Mary Donohue and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan of High Wattage Media


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