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Jan 30, 2022

As we all ease into 2022, we want to thank our listeners for supporting Grating the Nutmeg! We’ve just had our 6th birthday and hit over 100,000 downloads! We couldn’t have done it without you. Be sure to let us know if there are topics you think we should investigate.

If you could manufacture something out of stone or metal and make a buck, chances are it was produced in Connecticut. Asst. Publisher Mary Donohue explores the history of an unusual and unique--in the truest sense of the word--Connecticut company that made grave markers out of zinc. Affectionately known as “Zinkies” by cemetery buffs, these bluish-grey metal gravestones were made in Bridgeport and shipped across the country. The company’s slogan was “As enduring as the pyramids” but was that true or just boosterism? We’ll find out with author and Bridgeport historian Carolyn Ivanoff whose feature article on the Monumental Bronze Company comes out in Connecticut Explored’s upcoming Spring 2022 issue.    

Her book, "We Fought at Gettysburg," scheduled for publication in late spring 2022, features first-hand accounts by the survivors of the 17th Connecticut Infantry and their experiences on the greatest battlefield of the American Civil War.

Thanks to Carolyn Ivanoff for being our guest. You can find her Bridgeport history blog at

Don’t forget to get your copy of Connecticut Explored’s Spring 2022 issue to read more about the “Zinkies.” And to see dozens of Zinkies from across the country, follow the “gardenofwhitebronze” on Instagram. The digitized catalog at the Smithsonian Institution can be seen here

Episode photo shows the Beech Family monument, Mountain Grove Cemetery, Bridgeport. The front panel shows the iconic harvested wheat and scythe bas-relief. The “golden sheaf” on the front panel symbolized that the deceased had had a long and abundant life. Photo by Carolyn Ivanoff. 

This episode of Grating the Nutmeg was produced by Mary Donohue and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan. Donohue has documented the built environment and pop culture for over 30 years. Contact her at

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