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Sep 1, 2021

In this episode, join Mary Donohue, Asst. Publisher of Connecticut Explored, for a discussion with Dr. Helen Sheumaker about Victorian jewelry and wreaths made from human hair. Dr. Sheumaker is the author of Love Entwined: The Curious History of Human Hair Work.  She teaches history and American Studies at Miami University of Ohio.

Find out more about this now unfashionable way to remember your loved ones!


Read Dr. Sheumaker’s feature story in the Fall 2021 issue of Connecticut Explored-order your copy at


And see more about her book here:

This episode was produced by Mary Donohue, Assistant Publisher of Connecticut Explored, and engineered by Patrick O’Sullivan. Donohue has documented Connecticut’s built environment and popular culture for over 30 years. Contact her at 

And our thanks to the Lane Public Library in Oxford, Ohio for providing Dr. Sheumaker with a recording space.

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