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Aug 2, 2016

The Great Find!

A pair of 18th century portraits comes up for auction. Should the Connecticut Historical Society make a bid? This is a behind-the-scenes story in more ways than one! Host: Elizabeth Normen, CT Explored. Featuring Ilene Frank, Connecticut Historical Society

Pleasant Valley Drive-In 

Did you go to the drive-in movies when you were a kid? You still can! Join Jennifer LaRue for another segment inspired by the "Small Towns, BIG Stories" theme of the Summer 2016 issue of Connecticut Explored. 

Growing Up in Connecticut

Are you a millennial, Gen Xer, Baby Boomer, or member of the Silent Generation? Relive your childhood with the Connecticut Historical Society's special exhibition "Growing Up in Connecticut." (picture, left) Host: Elizabeth Normen, CT Explored. Featuring Ben Gammell, Connecticut Historical Society